Tampa Bay is an area that encompasses three counties and is “home” to over two million residents. It’s a home filled with sunny beaches and bright futures and offers great business opportunities and low costs for doing business. It’s where Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans cheered their winning team on to Super Bowl glory in 2003 and their favorite hockey team, the Tampa Bay Lightning, on to the 2004 Stanley Cup victory. In 2008, the Tampa Bay Rays made it all the way to the World Series. It’s also home to Lowry Park Zoo, the “Number One Zoo in the United States for Kids”, has the largest performing arts center in the southeast, a great aquarium and the largest science museum in the south. The cultural arts district in downtown Tampa is expanding every day and the recent addition of the Patel Conservatory helps both young and mature actors, artists, musicians, and performers perfect their craft.

There’s no state income tax and property taxes are reasonable. Tampa offers a lower cost of living than other major southern cities, including Atlanta, Orlando, Charlotte, and Charleston. Residents appreciate its mild winter climates, tropical summers, spectacular sunsets and beautiful beaches.